Style of Music to Expect Saturday 22nd September 2012 Dickens World

Are you in the Know?

If you appreciate quality live music then you can be guaranteed the Maritime Jazz Festival has plenty of that. However, if you are new to jazz you may not recognise all these famous artists and what they play. Have a look below to help make your mind up which performance to come to. And if you still can't make your mind up then just come to all the performances!!

Who is Ray Butcher & Blew Tubes, and What Will the Music Be Like?  Book Tickets    

Ray started out in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.  Now based in Birmingham Ray is one of the most versitile trumpet players in the UK.  From Brimingham Ray travels to the likes of Cyprus and other exotic locations performing with his band.  He also runs a jazz night in Birmingham and from there has links with Channel 4 TV.  He has recently appeared on Channel 4's impressions show, on the Morgana Show and on the drama Land Girls.  The Blew Tubes band he is featuring in also has Tracey Mendham on Sax and Paul Booth Big Band Trombonist Martyn Rawbone plus rhythm section.  They will be performing a fusion of jazz and popular music including the theme from the film 'Rocky' all played in a refeshing modern, funky New Orleans Street Beat Style. 

Who is Steve Rubie and What will the music be like?  Book Tickets     

Steve Rubie is a latin and Brazilian style jazz musician who has toured the world.  He performs on Flute, Sax and Percussion.  In recent times he appeared on the BBC Proms.  His performances are entertaining and uniquely Brazilian/Latin in style.  He will be joined by the award winning pianist Jonathan Gee and band including Larry Bartley on Bass. 

Who is the RS Big Band and What will the music be like?  Book Tickets    

All the musicians at the festival are seasoned professionals and often famous musicians in their own right.  The RS Big Band is no exception.  The band is a celebration of the fine musicians who have appeared at the festival and will include musicians from other festival performances.  In particular the band will include Jim Hastings who has performed alongside Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, which is fitting considering the vocals will be provided by London Frank Sinatra style singer Ryan Sanders.  The band will perform numbers like 'Come Fly with Me', 'Strangers in the Night' and 'My Way'.


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