Information, Terms & Conditions of Business


All tickets once ordered online, by phone or in person are non-refundable.  Single day tickets may be given, not sold, by you to someone else if you cannot come (we cannot resell or give any tickets away on your behalf or make any refunds), provided that you inform the box office staff of the change of name and the table to which it relates; failure to do so will result in the person you have given your ticket to refused entry with no refund given.  2 Day Dickens World reduced ticket or any mega deals or other tickets bought as a deal are non-transferable which means it can only be used by the person who has booked and signed the attendance sheet.  2 day ticket or mega deal ticket will be cancelled with no refund given if any attempt is made to transfer it to another name or if any other person uses the ticket.  In some special circumstances if a different person attends on one of the 2 dates a surcharge to a full price ticket may be granted subject to the discretion of Box Office Staff and the person allowed in (i.e. the £4 will be asked for each different person in attendance, or entry will be refused with no refund given).

Seating at Tables

Seating at tables is on a first come first serve basis.  Those with pre-booked tickets will be given a table number.  If you fail to take up this table at the start of a performance, that is if you arrive late for the performance, your table may be given to someone else and you reseated (not necessarily at a table) when you arrive.  Tickets on the door are not guaranteed a table.  There are seats when tables are full.  If you arrive having not pre-paid and the event is sold out no expenses can be claimed for travel or other costs.  (There is seating in Dickens World Britannia Theatre at tables for up to 300 people; at the Roffen for up to 65 people).  Once you collect your wristband at the entrance to the theatre you will be allowed in to get a table number for ordering food etc.

Safety & Conduct

We reserve the right to refuse entry and / or ask any person to leave / remove any person, from any of the premises during any performance for any reason relating to safety or behaviour matters.  No refund will be given if you have been refused entry or asked to leave or removed.  Violent behaviour on staff will be prosecuted. 

Cancellations and Refunds

You will not get a refund if you cancel your ticket or fail to use your ticket or fail to show up for a performance.  If you are late for any performance you will not get any refund.  If we have to cancel the event prior to the doors opening then KLMusicgroup will return any money for tickets sold through our paypal online service or through the 144club box office.  If the event is interrupted stopped, cut short or cancelled once the doors are open and the main performance has begun then no refund will be given.  For tickets purchased through Dickens World please refer to their term and conditions refund policy.  Should you be unhappy with any of the music performances no refund will be given since music is always a matter of personal taste.  No refund will be given for performances which alter in personel or timings from that of the advertised programme.

Advertised Music Programme

Event programming is correct at time of print / display.  We reserve the right to change, modify or cancel any musician, band or performance and times from that advertised.  Alternative music will be offered in place of failure of any musician or artist to show.  No refund is given for any such changes.


The menu displayed is subject to availability and is changeable subject to the decision of the chef.  Any enquires or complaints about food or drink should be directed to Dickens World, Roffen or Simply Italian directly.

Health and Saftey

Please be aware of trip hazards and equipment.  Should you have any accidents please direct your enquiry to the venue concerned and ask about their health and saftey policies.